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Are you a Social Media Enthusiast looking to turn your passion into profit? Look no further! This opportunity allows you to generate extra income by posting our client advertising on your social media accounts!

This opportunity is for
an independent contractor only

Actual earnings may vary depending
on  contractor dedication and performance.


General Requirements Details

Minimum requirements

*Be at least 21 years old
*Be active/engaging in Social Media

*Self-motivated with a strong sense of
responsability and reliability

*Ability to attend paid trainning and meetings on a weekly basis.

Required Documents

*A valid State ID
* Work authorization 
*A profile photo

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  • How much exposure does emvertise partners create?
    The exposure will vary in each different area of Miami , every mile driven for our partners generates betwent 20 - 50 impressions during regular hours. During traffic hours 20 - 100 impressions.
  • what does EMVERTISE stand for?
    EM - Exclusive Marketing LLC ( The company ). VERTISE - Advertise.
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