We are the first OOH Advertising firm in the U.S providing Affordable marketing campaigns in Miami FL. We offer businesses and brands the route to success with mobile advertising services empowered with social media marketing. Our strategies are the most effective in the Industry and they will create the  most suitable exhibition to your marketing needs.

Imagine seeing your company branding on a whole fleet of wrapped vehicles that travel at least 1,000 miles every month from the suburbs of Homestead, FL all the way to luxurious Boca Raton, FL? We’ll know, our weekly reports on the mileage, areas covered are thorough!.





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Our mission is to expand your brand territory with the purpose of creating new sales and engagement with future clients. Using our media, your business will drive better returns on investments (ROI) generating passive income for owners and investors. Start growing your business and its brand awareness as fast as in 30 days. 


Compared to other Marketing/Advertising agencies, we work exclusively with one client for each market industry. Our reports are provided on a weekly and monthly basis, they contain insights with real time campaign tracking results.

Drive more sales, engage with your audience, and track what’s

working–all from one place.